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Activity Plan
(Song lyrics and audio & bibliography included)


LESSON 5 Handling difficult situations and conflict resolution

Grade Level: 6th to 8th grade

Duration: 45 min.

Warm up:
Sit in circle; open class with greetings and songs
Sitting Tall, stretches
Review previous lesson and introduce new lesson

Objectives and Outcomes:

Suggested topics for class discussions:

Role Play: Ask students about what kinds of situations upset them.

Tips to handle difficult situations:
A lot is going on in our minds at once and it can be tricky to think clearly, you’ve got this ‘feeling’ you can’t really name.

  1. Recognize and understand your usual reaction(habits)/Identify negative responses
    1. Defensive
    2. Frustration
    3. Anger…

Habitual behavior: respond harshly, ignore, walk away, slam doors…

  1. Replace it: No need to “fight fire with fire”
    1. Tell yourself: “I’m not going to react to this.”
    2. Close your eyes, breathe deeply, and slowly count to 10: picture each number as you count (can be striped, colored numbers, a basketball-like numbers, etc.)
    3. How important is it? How awful? Can I let go now?
    4. Be Smart. Don’t waste your time arguing, complaining, etc.
    5. Consider making one of these responses: “Oh really?” “I hadn’t realized you felt that way.” “ I’m sorry you think that.” “I apologize if what I did offended you.” “Funny you said that…” Change the topic.
  1. Practice it
    1. It’s one thing to say it, it’s another to do it/KEEP TRYING
    2. We all get angry, frustrated.
    3.  “Use your mind over matter”

Songs: Standing Tall, Easy When You Know How

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