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 Activity Plan

Activity Plan 12: Share A Meal

Students in coats prepare for field tripGrade Level: 3rd Grade

Duration: I class of one hour and 45 minutes

Materials: Class visit to appropriate facility during mealtime.

Objectives and Outcomes:
Students learn about community resources for feeding people in need, e.g. soup kitchens, shelters, holiday food drives, etc. A visit and active participation at a site would be of tremendous impact, perhaps prior to Thanksgiving or Christmas.

The best part of sharing a meal is making new friends and eating great food together. Mealtime manners help you to express yourself, identify cultures and new foods, change and embrace new ideas on eating and style. Sharing a meal is an enormous part of growing as an individual and becoming a well-rounded person who is an integral part of society. So enjoy… and Let’s EAT!

Review of serving skills, etc.

Children should arrive prior to food distribution and receive orientation by site managers and assist with serving and interacting with residents/clientele.

Assessment: Child’s participation throughout curriculum

Songs: Play and sing along with the students
Holiday music, Come to the Table, Share A Meal, Get A Grip, Talkin’ With Your Mouth Full

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