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Staff & Docent Trainings

For personnel that interact with the public including educators, docents, administrators, security.

Photo of people at a training workshopABS can customize trainings and workshops for your museum’s collection and for your education department, whether starting an accessibility program or refreshing an existing program. These trainings are available:

Disability Awareness Training.
After a general review of all disability issues, including the ADA and communication skills, the training focuses on people who are blind and visually impaired. Participants review sighted guide techniques and other accommodations. Training includes practical exercises and presentations by members of local disability groups.

Accessibility Tools Training.
Presents general accessibility tools and interpretive learning tools for people with sight loss. Topics include touch tours, touch handling sessions, verbal descriptions, tactile diagrams and art making. The training reviews best practices in using different tools, and then focuses on tools for your museum’s specific program.

Tactile Diagrams Training/Workshop.
Participants learn guidelines for creating tactile images, including the basic tactile language of lines, icons, and patterns. Participants create tactile diagrams using a tactile fuser. Participants then learn and practice verbal guidance of the hands to accompany the tactile diagrams.

Verbal Description Training/Workshop.
Participants learn the guidelines for writing verbal descriptions and tour tips. Participants listen to outstanding samples of descriptions, and then write their own descriptions.

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Tactile Diagrams

Photo of hands on a tactile diagramABS can design and produce tactile diagrams for your museum. General Accessibility tactiles can include the museum’s facade, cross sections, and floor plans of the museum. Interpretive Learning tactiles can be based on art from your museum’s collection.

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Verbal Descriptions

Speaker iconABS can write verbal descriptions of art works in your collection. If desired, ABS can also provide vocal talent and produce recordings of the verbal descriptions, which can be used on a website, audiotour, public program, and docent or educator-led tour.

Most verbal descriptions are voice only. But ABS can also enhance recordings with appropriate sound effects and music. ABS can also produce interpretive sound compositions of works of art or styles of art.

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Web Site Enhancements

If you have a web site, ABS can produce multi-sensory highlights to enhance your online collection. ABS can work with your website designer to provide any of these highlights: printable tactile diagrams, high-resolution, high-contrast images for people with low vision, recorded verbal description, and interpretive sound compositions,

Why Use ABS for Your Museum?

Art Beyond Sight LogoBecause ABS believes in empowering cultural institutions. ABS will design trainings so that your staff, volunteers, and the local disability community can continue your program independently and conduct subsequent trainings and refreshers themselves.

To assist museums in this ongoing work, ABS offers a wealth of FREE materials on its web site

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Painting by Peter Paul Rubens; detail of woman carrying a basket on her head and holding the hand of a child. Half the image is a tactile drawing, half the original painting.Rubens paintingRubens painting
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