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The Laboratory for Learning contains projects, programs, and curricula developed by Art Beyond Sight. We invite you to explore these and use them in your work.

Projects and Curricula for Children and Young Adults

Social and Independent Living Skill Through the Arts
ABS pilot projects at New York City schools. Includes curricula, recordings of original songs, classroom demonstrations, and teacher interviews.

Dressing for Success: Dressing Skills and Social Skills

Come to the Table: Food, Table Skills, and Etiquette

Standing Tall (in development)

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Art Programs for Adults

Memories & Life Voyages in the Arts: An ABS pilot program at senior centers



Art of Ancient Egypt: A distant education course at the Hadley School for the Blind, adapted from ABS’s Art History Through Touch and Sound.



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Art History Through Touch and Sound
A history of art from prehistoric to contemporary.



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Art of North and Latin Americas
Paintings from the colonial period to the 20th century



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New York Beyond Sight
New York City as you’ve never heard it before!



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Vincent Van Gogh had Glaucoma...
A visual essay of five paintings by well-known artists who had visual impairments.

After you click on a painting, roll your cursor over the painting to see a graphic overlay showing how the visual impairment may have affected the artist’s work.

Use the Essay as a compelling introduction to Disability Awareness Training.


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Detail from Raphael's School of Athens, 1508-11, showing Euclid drawing on a slate to demonstrate a theorem to four students
School of Athens
School of Athens

Curricula for Children

Programs for Adults

Art History: Touch & Sound

Art of the Americas

New York Beyond Sight

Van Gogh had Glaucoma...




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