Public Relations

Public Relations:
Getting the Word out to Your Community

Sample Media Work Plan
Here are month-by-month strategies and tasks for getting the most from your local press.

Media Tips
Take advantage of the local media to let your community know about your Awareness Month events. Here are 8 easy steps to becoming media savvy.

Media Advisory
Here is a sample media advisory (media alert) to issue two weeks before your October events. It's an important part of your media strategy. Customize as necessary.

Sample Letter
To publicize your Awareness Month event, and encourage your local newspaper to get involved, here’s a sample letter you can modify to meet your needs.

Save the Date
Use this announcement (and adapt it for your needs) whenever you want to remind people about your upcoming Awareness Event. You can give it to local media, use it in a newsletter, or even as a poster.

Press Release
Press release for local celebrity who’s written a verbal description for your institution.

Some materials adapted with permission from the National Education Association.

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