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You are looking for: advice from an experience colleague, tips on launching a new program, a blind artist in your neighborhood, a speaker available on a certain date, a school willing to collaborate, a traveling exhibit, a place to submit yours or your students' artwork, or pretty much anything else you can think of, post a question on the appropriate listserve.

To share information with or from people in your field, find the appropriate listserve and post a message.
Welcome information:
Details on articles, books, reviews, journals.
Descriptions of new programs or interesting ideas
Announcements about upcoming events
Availability to speak or present on a given topic
Questions about topics covered by list serves
Exhibition announcements
Calls for entries
Anything else you think might be of interest

To post lesson plans.
This is a free online arts related lesson plans database, a collaborative project of Art Beyond Sight and ArtsEdge. You will have to fill out a form asking for details about your lesson. Do not worry about leaving irrelevant fields blank. Be as detailed as possible.

If you are looking to add your program to the VisionConnect database, please click here.
This searchable database of accessible programs is a joint project of VisionConnect and Art Beyond Sight. It will allow educators and tourists to locate your institution. Listing your institution here will also put you in the database of an 800-number information line that will be used by potential visitors who might not be web-literate.

If there are unique aspects to your program that you feel may be helpful to others, click here for the format .

To find an accessible program or an Art Beyond Sight collaborating institution near you.
This is a collaborative project of Art Beyond Sight and VisionConnection.
Go to the Help Near You Locator. In the pull down menu find Educational Resources, and you will find participating institutions/programs among the results. Alternatively, call 1 ( 800 ) 829 829- 0500, where you can get more detailed information, such as the name and contact information for the responsible person, more detailed information about the program, fax numbers, and e-mails.

MEMBERS OF THE PRESS: For story angles, ideas, research help, experts, or personal perspectives, you can contact Art Beyond Sight collaborators through either the list serv e s , or by sending an e-mail to , or by calling Art Education for the Bl ind at (212) 334-8720.

To get ABS publications:
Art Beyond Sight: A Resource Guide to Art, Creativity, and Visual Impairment

Art Beyond Sight: A Demonstration of Practical Techniques for Teaching Art to People with Visual Impairments (video)

Art History Through Touch and Sound: A multi-sensory guide for blind and visually impaired

If you are eligible for the Federal Quota Program, you can obtain this publication free of charge. To learn more about Federal Quota, click here. To find the person who is responsible for ordering instructional materials on the Federal Quota program, click here.

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Eugene Delacroix's painting, Liberty Leading the People, 1830, France
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