Focus Group for Visitors with Low Vision or Blindness

How to Conduct a Focus Group

You will need the following materials, some of which you might want to  customize for your museum.

  1. Focus Group Guide/Script Parts of the script are specific to your museum and have to be written by the museum staff (PDF and Word).
  2. Questionnaire to be answered by the focus group participants prior to the focus group (PDF and Word).
  3. Release Form that gives your museum permission to record the conversation. (PDF and Word).
Begin with a self-study session using the slide presentation below. The presentation walks you through the process of organizing a focus group, recruiting participants, and taking notes.

Please complete this survey within three days after conducting your focus group.

Were you able to access and use our online focus group materials easily?

How long did it take you/your staff to study these materials? Do you think it is an appropriate amount of time?

What would you add or change in the format of these materials to make them more user friendly for museum professionals?

After perusing the materials, how confident did you feel about leading the focus group?

Did you do a practice run-through with colleagues? If yes, did you feel it was worth the time?

What would you have liked to have known in advance that was not mentioned in the training materials?

What points were mentioned but you would like to have had emphasized more?

What was the most challenging aspect of the focus group process?

Would a video interview with a focus group expert or a museum professional who had conducted focus groups have made a difference?

We are developing an FAQ section. What questions do you feel should be included?

Did the note taker/s have any  unexpected difficulties? Are you satisfied with the quality of their notes?

Your Name, Affiliation, and Email Address

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