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Working Together at The Brooklyn Charter School

Art Beyond Sight recently began a collaboration with and The Brooklyn Charter School, with Mr. Pete and Ms. Marie teaching team work skills to 1st and 4th graders. Their first project was collaborative song writing. A songwriter and musician, Mr. Pete shared his song writing process. Among the things discussed were determining a theme, brainstorming ideas, tempo, the differences between a chorus and a verse. Mr. Pete explained how a chorus conveys more general ideas, whereas the song’s verses are much more specific. As the theme of our course is Hand-In-Hand, students brainstormed about what working together means to them. Ms. Marie jotted their thoughts on the board, which were then used to write the lyrics for a song. Below is one of the songs they developed. Live recording to come…

Getting something done
Can be fun
As long as we’re working in a team.
Getting something done
Can be fun
We can achieve our dreams.
Verse 1:
My friends
Help me out
Cheer me up
Make me laugh.
My friends
By my side
They’re honest to me.
Verse 2:
Is about listening
To your friends
Is about sincerity.
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