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Tove Langridge Leads Art-Making Workshop

If you had any specific ideas about what you were going to paint when walking in Tove Langridge’s workshop held on April 12 at the Andrew Heiskell Library, they fell by the wayside as he guided you through his own painting process. Tove’s first motto is: Let your imagination flow. To help that happen at the event, Tove put on some jazz music, which all enjoyed as, noted one participant, “Jazz is about improvisation, you never know what comes next.”

Born in Australia, Tove lives and works in New York City. He got his B.A. in Painting and Art History from the School of Visual Arts, NYC. Tove completed a residency with Michael Goldberg and was artist assistant for Peter Hristoff among other artists. In explaining his own work, Tove says that he uses very fluid mediums on built-up grounds, working with/from points of reference that penetrate the primary surface, and give dimensionality as well as fragment the form across multiple planes. Still, the planes remain intimately linked in the unified image of the whole.

Collaborating with Art Beyond Sight, Tove devised ways to bring his process to people with visual impairment. Using pushpins and eyelets to mark the points of reference and threads to create the form, participants were encouraged, step-by-step, to examine the relationships between each mark and form, as well as their intrinsic value.!/nyplheiskell

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