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Tea Tasting At the Andrew Heiskell Library

McNulty’s Tea Tasting program drew a crowd at the Andrew Heiskell Library this past Tuesday, October 11. David Wong and Christopher Lee offered a sensory rich and informative experience that was enjoyed by all. They introduced us to seven teas, ranging from green and white tea to oolong and black. As each tea was introduced, participants were given an opportunity to smell and touch the tea leaves, after which each person was given a sample of the freshly brewed tea. The lighter teas were first introduced, just as light wines are introduced first at a wine tasting. David did not miss the comparison and explained that the oolong is to tea what a rose is to wine; the white and green teas, he said, are comparable to white wines and black teas to red wines. Chris and David shared their passion for tea, as well as a wealth of information about it. Some of the participants were knowledgeable about tea, too, and enjoyed talking about tea ceremonies in China and Japan.

Chris and David undeniably carry the spirit of their store nestled at 109 Christopher Street where the rich aromas of tea and coffee from around the world, sacks of coffee and chest of teas, and old scales transport you to another time and place.

Check out SENSational, a tea created by McNulty’s for Art Beyond Sight. Part of the proceeds will come directly to us. SENSational will be on McNulty’s shelves early November.

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