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PS 201 at the New York Historical Society

Alejandro, Maisha, Dean and Shalim woke up early this morning, excited about their visit to the New York Historical Society, part of the Dressing for Success program. At the Society, they explored clothing items and discussed the components of portraits. They got to try on hats: a tricorn, a confederate cap, and a top hat such as the one Abraham Lincoln wore. Dylan, an educator from the Society, brought history to life through discussion of who wore those hats in times past, and their use nowadays. Students also handles different styles of buttons, some used for army clothing, others made for fancier outfits. Last, but not least, Dylan passed around a painted canvas to introduce what a portrait is and how people carefully select the way they dress when they get their portrait painted. Next week in class, they’ll get to make their own portrait!

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