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Perfumers en Herbe: hair care and sustainability

For the third week of the Perfumer en Herbe program, students continued to work on their label reading skills while discussing natural products, those containing chemicals and the impact not only on their hair and skin but also on the environment. Eliza invited the students to taste ginger snap cookies and coconut water to demonstrate that a natural products are edible and easily recognizable. She encouraged them to read labels before buying  products and to make sure that they can recognize and understand the ingredients in a product.

Students then created their own natural shampoo. Students first explored a variety of scents and discussed the different notes that every scent contains.  They also discussed how scents can affect mood.  Lemon was elected the “happy scent.” They learned that rosemary helps with focus and that ylang-ylang is “the poor cousin of the famous jasmine.”  Using a base of coconut and ginger shampoo, students added different oils that they enjoyed and put together their own creation!

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