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Perfumer en Herbe: body wash

The students were in for a treat again! They discussed body odor with Ms. Eliza , and learned why our smell changes depending on what we eat, how much we sweat, and whether our sweat comes  from exertion or fear. We learned that our feet have 250, 000 sweat glands and that our feet are especially prone to smelling bad because bacteria favor dark, warm, and humid environments.  Students discussed how this can be avoided from washing our feet and our shoes, to wearing cotton or socks made from other natural material so that our feet can breath.

Ms. Eliza also brought in some raw ingredients like verbena and lavender for students to explore and get their nooses into. We discussed how these plants and many others could also be used for culinary and medicinal purposes. Before moving on to making their own body wash, students smelled a scent from Paris in 1738! One can imagine the reactions.

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