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Our time is almost finished!

Our students at IS 237 and PS 201 have been busy ending the year with Art Beyond Sight!  Below, Samantha from IS 237 is holding up the list of all the different things that were discussed this year with Art Beyond Sight.  They truly learned a lot and taught each other a lot about themselves – from fashion to likes and dislikes!

Over at PS 201, Mrs. Fiske’s class has been hard at week shaking their sillies out and moving and shaking with improved fine motor skills!  They’ve been decorating their vests and are getting ready to end with Art Beyond Sight.  At Mrs. Agati’s class, they have been hard at work writing a song all together about their feelings – they really learned to “Recognize, Replace, and Practice”!  Here they are with Miss Shawna, all proud of their songwriting skills!

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