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New York Institute’s Fashion Statement

Our amazing 11th graders at the New York Institute for Special Education embarked on a new group songwriting exercise. Discussing personal aspects of our style, each student came up with a verse describing their personal style, and incorporated it into a rap song. Below are some lyrics of our very own song called “This is My Style”:

Verse 1
I’m comfortable, I’m hot
Don’t tell me to be who I’m not

This is my style
This is my style
This is my style
This is my style

Verse 2
My shoes aren’t always polished
And I don’t always match
But I’m still a good match


Born from passion
This is my fashion
I will still soar
Even when I’m not matching

Verse 3
My style is cool
Jackets rule
Even when I go to school

Verse 4
No tengo dinero
Ni me creo original
Pero me pongo la ropa
Que me representar

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