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Standing Tall

STANDING TALL Curriculum Module updated as of June 2013, includes modules for middle school and high school students (pdf download, 44 pages). PLEASE NOTE: Art Beyond Sight team will be glad to answer your questions re this curriculum, please contact us at

STANDING TALL Curriculum as piloted in 2009 -2011, with teacher interviews, song recordings and classroom pictures (see below)

Standing Tall module was developed by Art Beyond Sight for middle school and high school students. It addresses such concepts as self-acceptance, self-efficacy and self- worth, which are crucial for adolescents as they form their sense of identity and look for ways to “fit in.” These skills are challenging for all teens, but can be especially difficult for young people who are blind or have low vision and are trying to find their place in a world that is overwhelmingly visual, and where relationships and conversations are often based on visual cues.

The lesson plans in the Standing Tall module deal in depth with the development and practice of good communication and self-presentation skills and the art of conversation. Such skills include greetings, ice-breakers, small talk, formal and casual forms of conversation, interview skills, as well as public presentations.


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