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Dream Night Out

Fashionistas from NYISE talking about their personal style choices.


ANGELIQUE IGLESIAS says this outfit fits her personality. She says, “I want to be thought of as cool, laid back and open minded. I chose an outfit that is a mix of skater with a hint of rock. I also love to add accessories like bracelets, necklaces, belts, and fingerless gloves. I want to meet the rock band Paramore. The lead singer, Hayley Williams has a style that I like.” And Angelique, Cosmopolitan magazine agrees…Hayley will be their May 2011 cover girl!
TIASHEEM BROWN, follows Angelique sporting a Theory suit, a Theory shirt, and Cole Haan shoes. She would like to meet Rajon Rondo of the Boston Celtics, because he likes how he leads the team.
KIMBERLEY LORA, the up-and-coming artist, is styling in her Cynthia Steffe jacket, Guess jeans, Aqua top, and Juicy sneakers. Kimberly says, “Fashion to me is part of my personality. I like to be different, out going, a trendsetter. I dress how I feel. Through fashion, I show my choices, opinions, emotions. My style is a mixture of punk-rock, skater and casual. My experience at Bloomingdales gave me the chance to explore my style a little deeper.” Kimberly would also like to meet Hayley William because she feels they have many things in common…besides amazing style!
DOMANIQUE BULLOCK shows off his style. Domanique says, “When I dress up I want people to see my professionalism. And also to see that I can be a fun man, but when it’s time for business, I’m ready. This is what I would wear to meet Jay-Z: A Gucci suit, cuff links, nice tie, and Burberry shades.”
KIA LLOYD, in tenth grade, models a stylish blue “Frock by Tracy Reese” dress, and Diane von Furstenberg sandals. In Kia’s words: “Fashion is picking your own style and expressing yourself to others. I picked this dress and shoes because I want to look pretty and also look a little open. When I dress up, I feel open. What I mean by that is, I can show —This is how I am!” I can walk in heels and look pretty because I am not just a blind girl. I can wear dresses just like anyone else and look pretty. I would want people to know that I am nice, smart and helpful.”
CLAY JONES says, “I chose to wear a black suit because it’s professional and also fashionable. The way someone dresses is very important in social situations. For a fancy occasion everyday clothes are not acceptable. You must dress up to be taken seriously. People often judge you on how you dress”
JANELYS HERNANDEZ believes that as individuals we all have dreams, and fashion is a tool we can use to make our dreams come true. Everyone has their own taste and everyone’s style is different. She says “You have to feel comfortable in your own skin and dress for success in your own way, based on your dream.” Janelys would like to meet Alicia Keyes. She loves her music and she admires the way Alicia carries herself as a strong and confident person. Janelys thinks her outfit is something that Alicia would wear and fits her personal style.
DERRICK ANDERSON, elegant in his Theory blazer and pants,Hugo Boss shirt, and Cole Haan shoes. He’s dressing, in his words, “ To show Amare Stoudemeyer that  I’m pro and presentable. I believe that Amare would think I’m different and he would admire me.  With these clothes, I can express how I feel and bring out my personality more:  outgoing, confident, and with a sense of humor.”
BRIDGET WALKER, the college-bound senior, charms her way in an Ivory floral print dress by Quotation — Exclusively at Bloomingdale’s —  and Cole Haan Espadrille Sandals. Bridget says, “I chose this dress because I was looking for a style that shows off a part of my personality that people don’t usually see, a more fun, outgoing side of me. People usually see me as a serious student and wound a little tight. I did not want to look wound tight to meet my idol, Indina Menzel. She has great insight on life and she’s confident. The impression I’d like to give is that I’m someone who is confident, outgoing and comfortable.  I want people to see that I’m determined and fun at the same time.”
JOHN DIODATO feels that this suit represents him as very respectful, serious, and reliable. As he says, “A first impression is lasting impression. So I want to make a great first impression. This is what I would wear if I had the opportunity to meet Ke$ha. I would like my first impression to be — I am a gentleman!”
VANESSA LUNA says: “I chose something similar to Beyonce’s style because she carries herself as a strong person. I personally believe in the power of women. Everyone should be able to express and find their inner beauty. My message to everyone is —  be open to new things and new beginnings, but don’t forget who you are and where you come from.”
JAHRON BLACK explains his outfit: “When I dress up, I dress so that I stand out. I want people to see me and say, wow, do you SEE that young man!”  We think he has succeeded brilliantly…don’t you?


Students with Broadway producer, Daryl Roth
Students with Elisabeth Axel, Founder of Art Beyond Sight, Dr. Alvaro Pascual-Leone, a neuroscientist, and Richard Bernstein, an attorney, an advocate for people with disabilities, and a marathon runner.


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