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Letters from the New York Institute For Special Education to the California School for the Blind: excerpt

Dear Jack V.,

Hi, my name is Vivian from the New York Institute for Special Education. We have received your letter. I’m excited to be your pen pal. I like to listen to pop and spanish music. My favorite foods to eat are hamburger, steak and chicken. My favorite things to do is watching TV, playing baseball, bowling and talking on the phone.
Do you like to watch TV and talk on the phone? What are your favorite subjects? My favorite subject is Math and English. How about you?
I live in Queens, almost next to the White Stone Bridge. I live 3 blocks away from the park and my house is very big. How about yours?
When is your birthday? My birthday is January 27 and I was born in 1998. How about you?

I hope you write soon.
From Vivian

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