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Dress for Success II at the Lavelle School for the Blind

That’s what I’ve got
Originality, that’s what’s hot!
Everyday we wear
something different,
Why you ask? Because
it’s true.
Some of us like to look
Some of us like to look
brand new.
My friend Shelly she
likes to match
Her mood to what she’s
wearing that day.
My friend Solange she
always has
Earrings to match her
colorful glasses.
My friend Ashley she
likes to wear sweats,
She’s always so well

Last week, Ms. Shawna recorded all the songs, and they will be soon compiled into a CD.
Following the recording, students started discussing dress codes and the dos and don’ts of mixing and matching various items to form an outfit. For instance, you should avoid wearing slacks and a shirt with two different prints/patterns; instead, select one in a solid color to be paired with a patterned piece, or another non-patterned item. Students put together some outfits using the principles discussed in class (see pictures).

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