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Coming to an end

The students of IS 237 and PS 201 are reaching a close to the Art Beyond Sight curriculum!  They are surely moving right along and learning so much.

Students of IS 237 have been busy managing the art of casual and formal occasions, and how to act and dress at them.  They recalled numerous lessons from the Standing Tall program and incorporated them into this year’s Dressing for Success program.  Samantha’s drawing below shows how the students were able to tap into their stylish sides by creating two different outfits for different occasions:

Over at PS 201, Mrs. Agati’s class has been hard at work learning how to deal with difficult situations and how to join in on conversations.  Our chatterboxes in Mrs. Agati’s class always want to join in the conversation – and they are now mastering the art of ‘excuse me’ and making a conversation last longer by asking questions and listening.  

In Mrs. Fiske’s classroom, we have been heavily working our gross and fine motor skills by practicing buttoning and zipping!  Each time the students progress, they are able to decorate their own personal vests for dressing.  They even made their own paper snowman and played piano on Miss Shawna’s iPad!  Below is one students vest, and Julia picking out stickers to decorate her vest with:

We only have two sessions left together – can’t wait to see what these students have in store!

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