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From the seed to the cup: Art Beyond Sight at SAGE

Posted by on May 16, 2014 in Lab for Learning | 0 comments

Nick Kirkby from the Training & Education Department of Stumptown Coffee Roasters collaborated with Art Beyond Sight to offer a multisensory based workshop to explore coffee, from its history, to its roasting, and the diverse and ever-perfecting brewing methods. Participants got to touch, smell, hear and look at a wide variety of beans at different stages of roasting, they also got to taste some freshly brewed coffee!

Art Beyond Sight Older Adult Program at the Andrew Heiskell Library

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Last Tuesday, Annie Leist of Art Beyond Sight offered a painting workshop. Participants discussed how they experience the city and other settings.  They paid attention to how their senses perceive space and also considered how space can be interrupted by sounds or objects. Working with selected palettes, participants created a background and used tape to create lines. Through layering and juxtapositions, check out what they did!

Perfumer en Herbe: trip to l’Occitane headquarters and Part 2

Posted by on May 6, 2014 in Lab for Learning | 0 comments

On Friday April 25th, Art Beyond Sight Perfumers en Herbe from the New York Institute for Special Education visited l’Occitane’s headquarters. Students learned about the company’s history and philosophy. They tried out different products and had a chance a help l’Occitane Senior Marketing Manager in picking out what is going to be l’Occitane’s next fragrance!


Art Beyond Sight celebrates the end of Standing Tall at PS 231

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Tuesday April 29th marked the end of the Art Beyond Sight program Standing Tall at PS 231. Students celebrated with Aaron by dancing and singing original songs written during the year.  To thank Aaron the students made him cards.

Interviews at PS 231

Posted by on Apr 14, 2014 in Lab for Learning | 0 comments

Aaron and the students of PS 230 have perfected their routine of greetings and handshakes. They are working collaboratively on songs and moving on to practice interviewing and communication skills. There were a number of fun interviews that took place in class: a few students applied for their dream jobs,  got interviewed by game developers and football coaches, and explained why they would be great at these jobs.  All of the interviews were recorded and played back to the whole class so that everyone had a chance to discuss what was done well and suggest some points for improvement.


Teaching Conversation Skills Through Music – exploring Call and Response

Posted by on Apr 14, 2014 in Lab for Learning | 0 comments

Nina had a great time with Juan and the students of PS 102 who continue to work on their greetings. Every lesson opens up with hand shakes and the “Say hello” song, a hit with the students.  Lesson in March and April will be  focused on conversation skills. During the last two sessions the students explored different instruments: guitar, finger harp, Japanese flute and percussion instruments. Juan and the students practiced call and response and discussed the similarities between musical conversations and real life conversations with friends and teachers.  They learned about the importance of listening, understanding patterns, and answering questions.  During each class we always point out new words and discuss the vocabulary that helps students to improve communication.

Art Beyond Sight Multisensory Program for Older Adults

Posted by on Apr 11, 2014 in Lab for Learning | 0 comments

Art Beyond Sight kicked off its Multisensory Program for older adults at the SAGE Center in Chelsea this past Thursday. The program invites participants to explore food, fragrances, music or the arts.

For this first session, Art Beyond Sight collaborated with Vosges to explore the history of chocolate as part of a three-week workshop around food and drinks. Participants learned about Vosges’ founding story and dedication of its creator to delivering exciting and quality chocolates. Jennifer Matthews, the Event Manager for Vosges, also discussed ingredients used in their making and encouraged participants to taste the raw ingredients from golden berries to candied violet to cacao nibs. Through tastings, participants also train their senses to identify those various ingredients and aromas.


Perfumer en Herbe: we’re back!

Posted by on Apr 11, 2014 in Lab for Learning | 0 comments

Art Beyond Sight and Eliza Douglas are back at the New York Institute for Special Education for a second round of the Perfumer en Herbe. We’re now working with ninth and tenth graders. Eliza introduced fragrances, discussed their making and provenance. She also explained how our olfactory system functions and is closely related to our emotions. She encouraged the students to have an open mind and an open nose for the remaining of the program!

Hyde Leadership Charter School at the Morgan Library and Museum

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In preparation for their pen pal project, the fourth graders visited the Morgan Library and Museum this past Thursday.  The students were involved in a two-part program including a hands-on studio workshop where they explored and discussed a wide variety of writing tools and supports from clay tablets, cylinder seals to quills and papyrus. Students learned about the history of writing and about the writing systems. They then went on into the actual library of Mr. Morgan and learned about the man and how he started his collection, looked at manuscripts and books printed by Gutenberg.

Art Beyond Sight 2014 Award at the Lavelle School

Posted by on Mar 31, 2014 in Lab for Learning | 0 comments

The Lavelle School students celebrated the end of the Art Beyond Sight Social Skills program last Friday. Parents, teachers and students attending were in for a treat: original songs, dance, storytelling and a lot of fun!

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