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Art Beyond Sight’s Perfumer en Herbe: making hand cream

As part of  the Art Beyond Sight’s new program “Perfumer en Herbe,” students at the New York Institute for Special Education were introduced to skin care this week. Eliza and the students discussed the functions of skin, our largest organ, from protecting us, to regulating our body temperature, to helping us eliminate toxins.  They also reflected on the importance of skin care, applying sunscreen, and having a daily skin care routine. Students learned about ingredients and what information to look for on cosmetic labels.  They came up with a few rules of thumb including; if you cannot read the names of the ingredients, forget about it. They explored a variety of components included in hand lotion from oils to beeswax and Shea butter. Students were then invited to create their own hand cream.

and give each other a hand massage!

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