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Today we sang “Feliz Navidad” with the 1st graders and their classroom teachers, Ms. Agati, Garcia and Mr. Matt and rehearsed “Jingle Bells” with them for their assembly next week. There was so much energy it was hard to keep up (especially when we sang as fast as we could)! It’s always nice to see how music can bring everyone together in the room and be a source for community in the classroom. Mr. Pete and Ms. Marie presented each class member with a holiday surprise – everybody got their own set of colored modeling clay. Each class member explained what they were going to make with their clay (answers ranged from “a T-Rex” to “cookies” and “green triangles”), and a good time was had by all!
Ms. Hertler class received “very unique lunch boxes”. As they all said they were very excited and thankful for those lovely gifts.

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