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Last Day in Queens

Today marked Art Beyond Sight’s final day at IS 237 and PS 201 in Queens.  We will miss these kids very much and look forward to...

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Our time is almost finished!

Our students at IS 237 and PS 201 have been busy ending the year with Art Beyond Sight!  Below, Samantha from IS 237 is holding up the...

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Learning about the world through music

In the past few weeks, the Brooklyn Charter School 3rd graders wrote songs about another country or continent modeled on the structure of...

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We have the situation in hand!

Students from PS 186X have been working on navigating difficult situations while remaining polite and firm. They acted out a variety of...

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Coming to an end

The students of IS 237 and PS 201 are reaching a close to the Art Beyond Sight curriculum!  They are surely moving right along and...

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