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Art Beyond Sight Lab for Learning develops customized, multimodal curricula and programs for children and adults of all abilities. ABS has been active in education for over 25 years. It promoted the idea of importance of art education and self-expression for students with disabilities, and introduced the use of tactile images through its work with the American Printing House for the Blind. Now ABS Lab offers independent living skills, social and communication skills through the arts curriculum for students with visual, developmental and emotional disabilities, students in inclusive settings and charter schools. Since 2006 ABS has been using its methodology to teach fashion and dining skills, social competence, self-presentation, interview and public speaking, and teamwork.

Most Recent Articles

Survey Information

Click on the particular projects you are interested in learning more about: Museum Study Project Disability Inclusion Curriculum Infusion Pilot Project 2015 National Federation of the Blind Convention...

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Advisory Board

Sheila Amato, Adjunct Braille Instructor, West Virginia University. Karen Blankenship, Vanderbilt University. Jeannette Christie, the New York City Branch Manager and the Parent Representative of The New York...

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Dream Night Out

Fashionistas from NYISE talking about their personal...

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Standing Tall

STANDING TALL Curriculum Module updated as of June 2013, includes modules for...

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Artists with Vision Loss

Edgar Degas, Vincent van Gogh, Mary Cassatt, Claude Monet… A different...

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Come to the Table

There are few needs more basic to life functioning than eating. If we are to...

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New York Beyond Sight

New York as you’ve never heard it before!Prominent New Yorkers describe...

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American Art

American Art from the 1700s to the 20th Century from the Collections of he...

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Dressing for Success

DRESSING FOR SUCCESS Curriculum Module updated as of June 2013, includes...

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Art History Through Touch & Sound

A history of art from prehistoric to contemporary Images with Verbal...

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