Blind people are just like sighted people, they expect different things when they walk into a museum or art gallery, so there's a lot of variance between blind people. The important thing for museums and art galleries to remember is to not assume that all blind people are alike. That's probably the number one mistake that's made. Blind people are as different as sighted individuals. Some people are very interested in the arts and they've studied a lot and they know a lot about art history, a lot about different techniques that artists use. Some people are real history buffs so when they go into that history museum they know exactly which exhibits they want to go to and they want to learn about. And a lot of folks are going to be like a lot of tourists who go to museums and art galleries and just want to see what's there. So it's going to vary. But not to assume things, because you'll have a wide variety of likes and dislikes. And you won't be able to please everyone. Not everyone is going to like what you do. You just have to do it in the best and most gracious way.

Dr. Betsy A. Zaborowski
Executive Director,
National Federation of the Blind
Jernigan Institute



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