Mariann Smith, Albright-Knox
The Role of the Advisory Board and Consultants   1:01

I’m Mariann Smith, Curator of Education at the Albright-Knox Art Gallery. One of the first things that the universal access committee did was bring in several consultants -- one in a wheelchair -- where we became aware of some of the weaknesses of our design. We thought that we had accessible bathrooms, it turns out that we don't in every case. One of our buildings is from 1905 and the other is from 1962, and so they were not constructed with those kinds of issues in mind, and we wanted to really get a good sense of every thing that we need to do and then prioritize that list. Some of those things don't need a great deal of funding and some of those things have already been accomplished. We’re more aware of the text we use, the labels, the fonts and where we hang them. So we’ve taken care of a lot of the basic, not very costly changes. Now it's the job of that committee to prioritize what happens next, and then our human resources department is ready to go after funding for the various projects.



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