MUSIC: 6 note musical logo of ABS

NARR: Dennis Sparacino is blind, a lover of art, and a museum visitor. Listen to how he describes the experience of hearing "Surrealism," an ABS Sound Image composition. And note how he explains the importance of sound in helping him see the world.

DENNIS: That experience is very important to help you understand how I see. Um, there's a sound of water, there's a sound of a beach, there's a sound of a door, there's a sound of a clock ticking, all these sounds. This is my world. I live in a world of sound. When I walk down Fifth Avenue , I hear the steps of people, I hear the voices of people, I hear bags rattling, I hear cars passing, buses. And all these sounds, the way I register them in my mind may not be what you see. But I have a canvas in my mind that registers all those sounds and makes a picture. And that's what that tape that they played for me does. It puts all the sounds together and makes a picture.



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