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NARR: Art History Through Touch and Sound, ABS's Multisensory Art Encyclopedia, is composed of tactile diagrams with accompanying verbal descriptions. The tactile diagrams can be used in various ways. Individuals can listen and explore the tactiles on their own at home, or in a school, library, or museum. Teachers can use the tactiles in a classroom situation, providing their own verbal description and directions for touching the tactiles.

(classroom scene)

TEACHER: What you're feeling, this line, represents the top of the painting, that's the side of the painting, the bottom of the painting.

STUDENT: .and that's the other side.

TEACHER: Exactly, yes. And you just passed over this round.

STUDENT: .round circle.

TEACHER: Yes, and that represents the moon.

(museum scene)

TEACHER: The medium is oil on canvas.

NARRATOR: In a museum gallery, the tactiles can complement a touch tour, enriching verbal description of a work that cannot be touched.

TEACHER: Solid areas indicate their hair.



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