Disability Awareness Training

Tools for Providing Accessibility

Visit the Accessibility Tools Training section
Of the Handbook to explore the tools below:


General Accessibility Tools:
Universal Design
Braille materials and Braille labels
Large-print materials
Tactile graphics resources
Audio description resources
Accessible Web

Interpretive Learning Tools:
Touch tour and other tactile experiences
Verbal description and audio guides
Sound and drama
Tactile diagram
Art making with people who are blind


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Duotone photo of hands exploring a tactile drawing of an African sculpture
Disability Awareness Training
  A New Paradigm
  WHO New Definition of Disability
    Social or Human Rights New Model
    Accessibility and "Invisible" Disabilities
  Defining Accessibility
  Why Access to the Arts?
    Artists' Perspective
  Personal Perspective
    Legal Perspective
    Economic Perspective
    Institutional Perspective
  Accessibility Skills
    People-first Language
    Disability Stereotypes
    Communication Tips
    Sighted Guide Technique
  Assistive Technologies
    Mobility Accommodations
    Sensory Accommodations
    Cognitive Accommodations
  An Accessible Museum: Universal Design
  Tools For Accessibility
  Practical Exercises


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