Developing an Advisory Board


An Advisory Board is an invaluable resource for planning and implementing your program for blind and visually impaired audiences.  

The module emphasizes practical considerations: how to review in-house resources and possibilities; how to select and organize members of your advisory board; and how to set short- and long-term goals. To help you plan and meet, we include checklists and agendas. To help you anticipate and answer questions from the Advisory Board and museum administrators, we include troubleshooting and funding tips.

Practical Considerations:

Step One: Outlining Program Possibilities
Step Two: Organizing and Working with Your Advisory Board
Step Three: Setting Short- and Long-Term Goals

Agenda 1: Introductory Advisory Board Meeting
Agenda 2: Generate Community Profile
Agenda 3: Define Short- and Long-Term Goals
Agenda 4: Community Resources

Checklist: Outlining Program Possibilities
Checklist: Developing an Advisory Board

Troubleshooting Tips

Funding Strategies! Low Cost. No Cost.

Contributors and Reviewers:
Leah Fox, The Museum of Modern Art
Claudia Ocello, Janet Rassweiler, and Shari Abelson, The New Jersey Historical Society

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