Developing an Advisory Board: Checklists

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Practical Considerations: Step 3

Checklist: Outlining Program Possibilities

Checklist: Advisory Board and Focus Group

  1. Determine how many members you would like to have.
  2. Create contact lists for possible focus group/advisory board members.

Professional interests and memberships:

Different relationships with blindness community:

Different age groups:

  1. Write letter of introduction.
  2. Generate mailings: letter of introduction, meeting schedule memo (dates and times), questions to consider for first meeting, thank you letters.
  3. Schedule meetings.
    • Reserve conference room
    • Refreshments: coffee, tea, water, snacks, sugar, milk, napkins, cups
    • Agendas
    • Information packets: including general description of museum, education department mission statement
  4. Generate minutes for each meeting and send to group members within one week of the meeting.
  5. Write a brief summary of meeting results to discuss to education department and/or other involved museum staff members.
  6. Meet with involved museum staff to determine which segments of the community of blind people were strongly represented at the meeting and which were underrepresented, and if your need to "recruit" additional board members. Consider if you have advisors with diverse educational, socio-economic, and cultural backgrounds.
  7. Write thank you letters.

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