Accessibility Tools Training

This multimedia training introduces accessibility tools and presents examples, practical information, and resources from your experienced colleagues. It includes text, photos, audio and video clips, pages you may print or download, and links to resource sites.

This section presents materials for a museum professional or an educator to introduce the subject of Accessibility Tools to museum staff, docents, volunteers, or teachers. It includes a downloadable multimedia PowerPoint presentation, notes to use in making the presentation, and suggestions for how to plan a successful presentation to people in your organization.

Art Beyond Sight and Handbook authors Elisabeth Axel, and Clara Ines Rojas-Sebesta thank the following for their contributions to this training:

Leah Fox, Museum of Modern Art  •  Hannah Goodwin, Museum of Fine Arts, Boston  •  Debra Hegstrom, Minneapolis Institute of Arts  •  Rebecca Hinde, The Lower East Side Tenement Museum  •  Sy Hoffman, The Birmingham Museum of Art  •  Deborah Jaffe, The Metropolitan Museum of Art  •  Ermyn King, Pennsylvania State College  •  Allen Maynard, The Hadley School for the Blind  •  Claudia Ocello, The New Jersey Historical Society  •  Janet Rassweiler, The New Jersey Historical Society  •  Karen Frimkess Wolff, Braille Institute of America.

Art Beyond Sight gratefully acknowledges the support of The St. Paul Travelers Foundation, The Carl and Lily Pforzheimer Foundation, NEC Foundation of America, The Charles H. Stout Foundation, and the American Express Company.

The Christian A. Johnson Endeavor Foundation's unwavering support allowed us to document our research, to develop our educational materials, and to make them universally available.


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