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Module 5 – Museum Access: Multimodal Engagement


1. To unpack the meaning and relationship of “welcoming” through the lens of accessibility, and accessibility through the lens of multimodal engagement.

2. To explore the dimensions of accessibility through diverse approaches.

3. To identify the different ways a museum can provide access for visitors who are blind or have low vision — cognitive, physical, social, and  emotional.

4.To identify strategies that will enhance existing exhibits and programs and maximize accessibility.


Module 5 examines how the “welcoming” museum must grapple with the complexity of access. Through learning theories, museum audiences become individuals with their personal style and skills for making meaning. Multi-modal approaches transform a museum into a more equitable environment that invites all visitors to participate through various points of access. Verbal descriptions, closed-captions, touch tours, and sensory experiences extend an invitation to participate to visitors of diverse abilities. When applied, these techniques make exhibits and programs more effective for all visitors.

These resources introducing multimodal learning could provide a useful starting point for discussing accessibility in classes about learning in museums, museum education, exhibitions, public programming in museums, communication, management, and communities, among others.

Module 5 Resources

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