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Module 2 – Understanding Our Stakeholders: The Disability Community


To present background information on the culture of disability that can prepare students for professional careers in museums and other cultural organizations, as well as provide a better understanding of the history of disability.


This module takes a closer look at some of the specific cultures of disability that museums may find themselves engaging. It introduces various histories, statistics, and terminologies to  help in understanding of these cultures. In addition it uses highlights from an online Smithsonian Institute exhibition  to examine the history of disability in America. Lastly, this module presents various Models of Disability which are societal tools created that define disabilities from outsider’s perspective. These models are not necessarily positive or commonly accepted, but they illustrate the way societal views have shifted over time.

These resource materials provide a starting point from which to introduce the legal aspects of disability and demonstrate how museums have responded to the need to make their facilities as well as their exhibitions and programs accessible.  They can be used in classes introducing the challenges that museums face in serving people with disabilities.

Module 2 Resources

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