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Institutional Perspective

Case Studies / Institutional Perspective

ADA and Museums: International Spy Museum Settlement

A blind individual who visited the International Spy Museum with a group claimed that the museum’s exhibitions and programs were inaccessible to visitors who are blind or who have low […]

Case Studies / Institutional Perspective / Uncategorized

ADA and Museums: The Mount Vernon Estate and Gardens

During a compliance review of its facilities, the Mount Vernon Estate and Gardens found that they did not comply with the Americans with Disabilities Act.  Mount Vernon reached a settlement […]

Disability Awareness / Institutional Perspective / Invisible Disabilities

Invisible Disabilities

Case Studies / Institutional Perspective / Invisible Disabilities

Assignment: Discussion of Minorities in Museums

Conversation Starter: In response to the question “do minorities feel uncomfortable in art museums?”, Cliff Pereira, Museum Consultant and Researcher in England, responded:  I guess the term minorities is the […]

Case Studies / Institutional Perspective

Case Study: Opera “The Blind” and Its Reception

An operatic revival of Maeterlinck’s 1890 play “The Blind” premiered at Lincoln Center in NYC in 2013. The reception of the opera by the disability community raised a number of important issues. […]