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Case Studies

Case Studies / Disability History / Disability Narratives

Case Study: University of Leicester Work on Disability Representation, 2012-2014

Case Studies / Disability History

Case Study: Living in a Sensory World Exhibit Powerhouse Museum, 2008-2010.

Case Studies / D/deaf / Disability History

History Through Deaf Eyes

A seminal exhibition about Deaf history in America “We have been called deaf-mutes, mutes, objects of charity, deaf and dumb, semi-mutes, dummy, and now, hearing impaired. We have been described […]

Case Studies / Disability Narratives

Case Study: Disability and Beauty

   ‘Disabled’ Mannequins Remind Us That Beautiful Doesn’t Mean ‘Perfect’  Pro Infirmis, an organization for the disabled, created a series of mannequins based on real people with physical disabilities, working […]

Case Studies

Case Study: Multisensory Experience at Daigo Fukuryu-maru Exhibition Hall, Tokyo


Case Studies

Universal Design Case Study: America on the Move Exhibit

TK January 2013

Case Studies / Low Vision

Case Study: Well-Known Artists with Low Vision


Blind / Case Studies

Hearing Architecture: A Review of Bill Fontana’s “Sonic Shadows” by Chris Downey

Abstract A blind architect reviews a sound installation at the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art. Since museums are frequently works of art in themselves, the author describes new avenues […]

Case Studies

Universal Design Case Study: Museum Seating

Case Studies / Disability Narratives

Case Study: Prosthetics in Museums