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Art Beyond Sight presents Art History Through Touch and Sound Online
Valuable to all. Accessible to people who are blind or have low vision!
A history of art from prehistoric to contemporary.

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Building Blocks of Art

Prehistoric Europe & Near East

Ancient Egypt Ancient
Roman Art Byzantine & Islamic Art
Building Blocks of Art: detail of a black and white line drawing of a woman's face Pre-historic Europe and Near East: The head of the Venus of Willendorf, a small carved stone figure of a woman; horizontal rows of bumps texture her head all around, including on the front. Ancient Egypt: a detail showing the head of a sculpture of a woman carrying a basket on her head. Ancient Greece: detail showing the head of the Venus di Milo, a Greek marble sculpture Roman Art: detail of a portrait bust of a Roman man Byzantine and Islamic Art: detail of a Byzantine icon, showing the head of an angel
Early Medieval Europe Romanesque Art Gothic Art Africa, Oceania & the Americas Japan & India China Proto- Renaissance Italian High Renaissance Northern Renaissance
Early Medieval Europe: detail of the decoration of the side of a box, showing the head of a musician in black, green and gold leaf. Romanesque Art: detail of an illuminated manuscript, showing the head of St. Matthew the Evangelist writing Gothic Art: detail showing the head of Mary carvedi n stone Africa, Ocenia, and the Americas: a jug in the shape of a man's head; Peruvian Japan and India: Japanese print, detail, showing the head of a samurai China: detail, showing the head of a giant carved Buddha Proto-Renaissance: detail of a painting by Botticelli, showing the head of Venus High Italian Renaissance: detail of the head of the Mona Lisa, by Leonardo Di Vinci Northern Renaissance: detail of Hans Holbein's portrait of Henry VIII of England

Baroque Art 18th Century Europe 19th Century Europe European Modernism American Art

Contemporary Art

Baroque Art: detail of a Rubens painting of a woman, back to viewer, with her golden hair knotted at the back of her neck, carrying a basket on her head. 18th Century Europe: detail of a Gainsborough portrait of a woman with a high-plumed hat 19th Century Europe: detail of a Van Gogh portrait of a man leaning his cheek against his right hand European Modernism: detail of a Picasso painting of a woman's face, mask-like and geometric American Art: detail of a Hopper painting, showing a hatted man, back to viewer, half in deep shadow, half in sharp, raking light Contemporary Art: detail of a black and white photograph by Cindy Sherman of a young woman in a city
"An interdisciplinary approach incorporating the most recent research in the fields of education, psychology, and art history,"
Paula Terry, Director of AccessAbility, National Endowment for the Arts
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